Ministry Review Form
The purpose of this form is to help each ministry/event/program align with our vision statement and should be filled out and evaluated annually.

Reaching upward to God
Reaching inward to each other
Reaching outward to our neighbors
So that everyone can find wholeness in Jesus Christ
Name of ministry/event/program: *

Name of leader/coordinator: *

Phone Number:

Staff liaison or committee connection: *

What is the intended purpose of this ministry/program/event?

Is this helping us to reach upward, reach inward or reach outward?

How does this help us to help people find wholeness in Jesus Christ?

Describe the ministry/program/event:

How often does this ministry/program/event take place?

Who is this ministry/program/event trying to reach? What need is this meeting?

Average number of different people engaged in this ministry each week or month:

Number of people you expect this ministry to reach in the event or over the course of a year?

If this ministry/program/event DOES NOT align with our vision statement...

What changes will be made in order to better align with our vision statement?

When will these changes be made?

Person(s) responsible for making the changes:

Date you will next evaluate to ensure this ministry/program/event IS aligning with our vision statement: (usually within 3-6 months of initiation of changes)

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